Pinky: Miniature Microscopes

Delivered either as an OEM item to be integrated in an inspection tool or as a stand alone instrument attached to a stand with focus adjustment. Suitable for Semiconductor, PCB, FPD, dicing, Life Sciences and Biomed. Applicable for Robotics, Metrology, Navigation, Cell Counting, Fluorescence

The Pinky has two configuration options:

Pinky – U: Flat profile with short WD = 5.9mm

Pinky – L: Upright profile with long WD = 20.6mm


Pinky – U
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

  • 0.12NA
  • Overall dimensions (W x H x L) 13 x 8 x 16 cm
  • LED illumination
  • High brightness
  • Replaceable filters
  • Manual focus adjustment
  • Extremely wide field of view

Pinky – U
OEM Option

  • Low profile
  • lntegrated LED source
  • CMOS included
  • Auxiliary port option (laser, spectometer or vibrometer)
  • lntegrated on-to inspection systems as navigation or alignment microscope
OEM Option

Pinky –L

  • Similar design to the Pinky-U,
    Same optical performance; re-arranged layout to gain longer WD.
  • High yield LED illumination
  • Dark Field illumination option
  • Gigantic field of view (5.7 x 4.3mm)
  • Lightweight (~ 260 grams)
  • Optical qualities: telecentric, null distortion, coma and lateral color.

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