Microscope News

Omek introduces Industrial Polarizing Microscope

Omek Optics, a leading manufacturer of OEM Industrial microscopes has upgraded the 300 series Microscopes by adding a Polarizer / Analyzer  Option for all products. The use of cross polarizers  acheives maximum resolution and contrast by elliminating undesired stray reflections when using bright field illumination. A polarizer is positioned in the Illumination path of the standard bright field illuminating the object. The reflected light is composed of both diffuse and specular reflections. The latter are filtered by the second polarizer (the analyser) which is rotated 90 degrees relative to the original polarizer. The Polarizer housing allows full 360 Degrees of Rotation. Omek Polarizing Microscopes in combination with Bright Field Kohler Illumination offer superb image quality in applications such as SWIR sub-surface Silicon Inspection, MEMs inspection and Stress in Silicon Substrates.