MIC 303 SWIR Series

SWIR Polarizing Microscope

The Mic303 SWIR microscope combined with an AVT Goldeye P-032 short-wave infrared camera performs interior observation of silicon wafers, IC chips, MEMS, and semiconductor devices, taking advantage of the transparency of silicon in the SWIR band. The system supports NIR and SWIR spectrum. Bright Field Kohler Illumination with Cross Polarizers.


A perfect solution for Probe stations, Inspection tools employing Large Imaging Sensors.

swir microscope
Model Mic303.160.F
Type Mutiple Objective
Tube Lens EFL [mm] 160
Weight [kg] w/o Turret 2.4 without Turret or Stand
Aperture STOP Manual Iris
Field STOP Manual Iris
Standard Interface Olympus Turret
Illumination Type Bright Field Kohller
Standard Light Source Fiber Light Guide
Optional Light Source LED
Sensor Interface C-Mount
Parasolid download 3dM
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