Mic401 Series

PCB Inspection Microscope

The Mic401 PCB Inspection Microscope is a compact design planned for low magnifications with high resolution imaging. The basic configuration integrates fixed 80MM or 160MM focal length tube lens supporting Large Format Sensors. The microscope is integrated in high end inspection tools for applications such as MEMS, Semiconductors, Flat Panel Display, PCB, Probe Stations and Metallurgical applications. The nosepiece options allows multi-magnifications.

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PCB inspection microscope
Model Mic401E.80.F Mic401E.160.F Mic401ET.80.F Mic401ET.160.F
Type Single Mag Single Mag Mutiple Objective Mutiple Objective
Tube Lens EFL [mm] 80 160 80 160
Weight [kg] w/o Turret 0.78 0.78 0.9 0.9
Aperture STOP Fixed Aperture Manual Iris
Field STOP Fixed Aperture Manual Iris
Standard Interface M26 M26 Mitutoyo Turret
Illumination Type Bright Field Kohller
Standard Light Source Fiber Light Guide
Optional Light Source LED
Sensor Interface C-Mount
 Parasolid  download 3dM download 3dM  download 3dM  download 3dM
 Layout  pdficon_large pdficon_large pdficon_large pdficon_large
  • Mount Clamp
  • Mitutoyo Turret Adaptor
  • LED Illumination
  • Horizontal LED Illumination
  • Fiber Interface